The Singapore Motor Workshop Association

We strive for Honesty, Sincerity and Integrity with friendly competition

The SMWA was formed in 1972 with five primary objectives:
  1. To promote friendly relationships among its members
  2. To promote business progression
  3. To support local education, charities and welfare work
  4. To mediate and strengthen the unity among members and jointly plan for members
  5. To elevate the standard of technical skills thereby maintaining prestige of the profession

In the coming decade, SMWA hopes to ease the labour crunch in the automotive industry by advocating relevant skill developments for workshops and their technicians.

SMWA Training Academy

Sin Ming Autocity might have earned its place in automotive history after hosting the event that saw the Singapore Motor Workshop Association (SMWA) announce several of its most important projects for the oncoming decade.

Standing in the new SMWA Training Academy, SMWA President Mike Keh highlighted three concerns that would challenge workshops in Singapore in the near future – dealing with the potential influx of Electric Vehicles (EVs), training and certifying existing technicians, and raising workshop standards through the adoption of a new and regulated Singapore Standard.

Officially opened by Senior Minister of State for Transport and Foreign Affairs Mr. Chee Hong Tat (who also serves as advisor to SMWA), the SMWA Training Academy is supported by Workforce Singapore, JTC Corporation and Enterprise Singapore. While they try to combat potential problems on Singapore roads, another important function of the academy is upgrading the skillsets of existing technicians to meet a professional standard.

The new Singapore Standard 662 (SS662) “Code of Practice for Automotive Workshops” will reduce uncertainty in consumers and the SMWA will be working hard for it – Besides ensuring the standards of local workshops, the SMWA has set the target of training 1000 technicians over 36 months.

The framework of SS662 will be established collaboratively by the SMWA and the Automobile Association Singapore of Singapore (AAS). To that end, the two parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, a move that will also bring about a long-term working relationship that could lead to a higher standard among workshops in the country.

The new AAS-SMWA Workshop Certification will include a revisitation of safety standards, professionalism and service that would eventually set the benchmark as the industry’s best practices.

SMWA Motor Workshops Directory

SMWA has revamped the Association’s Website. The website is fully responsive to preserve the user experience and look and feel across all devices. The website comes with a feature, WORKSHOP DIRECTORY, to enable SMWA’s members to showcase their businesses and trades as well as to promote service and product. SMWA aims to assist Members and Fellow Traders to gain better online presence and introduction of their products and services to be readily accessible through the World Wide Web 24/7.

SMWA working with Big Bang Media (BBM), publisher of REV Magazine, to produce professional designed pages and images to better project your businesses. BBM will be contacting you and sending their representatives to meet up with you for better collection of details and materials of your businesses. You can also contact them directly at +65 9789 2960 via  for a direct understanding on the services that they are providing.

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公会与Big Bang Media合作,执意要把会员的公司和产品与服务更专业的呈现给大众。BBM将会与您联系以便更详细的收集您公司和产品与服务资料。您也可以直接与BBM联系 – +65 9789 2960  以确保资料准确无误。


Apart from being listed in the workshop directory, members get FREE Landing web page plus other features including FB account & email

Email us at now, we will be glad to provide more info about membership sign up.


We offer various type of membership plans customized to meet different member’s needs.

All plans include a Landing page to showcase member’s business and trade to enhance member’s presence in the World Wide Web.

In addition, registered members will be listed in our workshop directory where members can be easily located and reached by just a few clicks away.

Types of Membership


  • One landing web page
  • Listed in workshop directory
  • FB account and email
  • 4 postings on FB to boost awareness of business


  • One landing web page with 2 featured product or services
  • Listed in workshop directory
  • A FB account with email
  • Management of FB account
  • 8 FB postings and boosting