Ordinary Member

1. (i) Any holder of a valid Certificate of Registration as Motor and / or allied workshop under Business Registration Act 1973 Section 9 (2) and of good character residing in the Republic of Singapore willing to obey the Rules and Regulations of the Association may become a Member upon the recommendation of an Ordinary Member and the approval by the Committee.

(ii) Upon receiving an application for Ordinary Membership, the Committee shall cause the applicant’s name to be posted on the Association Notice Board for a period of not less than 14 days. Any Ordinary Member may communicate in writing to the Committee if he has any valid and verifiable information to the effect that the applicant is not of a suitable character and the application should be rejected. If there are no objections to the application, the application will be accordingly approved.

(iii) Membership shall be disallowed or ceased forthwith by reason of any of the following conditions: –

(a)If the Certificate of Registration under Business Registration Act 1973 section 9(2) has been revoked or considered invalid or the Member has ceased to carry on as a Motor and/or allied workshop.
(b) If the Member is certified insane.
(c) If the Member is adjudicated a bankrupt.
(d) If the Member is convicted of any offence involving fraud or dishonesty
punishable with at least 3 months’ imprisonment.
* This also applies to fresh application for the membership.

No refund shall be claimed by any resigning or expelled member in respect of any entrance fee and subscription fee previously paid.

To download membership application form, please click here.

2. After an application for membership has been decided by the Committee irrespective of whether it has been approved or rejected, the Association shall within one week inform the applicant or his proposer of the result in writing. In case an applicant has been accepted as a member, the Association shall send him a copy of the Constitution. In case an applicant has been rejected, the Association shall refund him an amount as stated in the Bye Law.

3.In case of an organization or business company other than a sole-proprietorship or partnership company that has enrolled as a member, the Association shall recognize only one person nominated by such organization or business company as its nominated representative. If the organization or business company wishes to change its nominated representative, it may do so by informing the Association in writing and such change shall take effect only after the receipt of such notification by the Association.

4.Any Ordinary Member who wishes to resign from membership shall do so by informing the Association in writing and the resignation shall take effect 7 days after the Committee’s acceptance.

5. Should an Ordinary Member involve himself in activities prejudicial to the interests of the Association and his conduct likely to bring disrepute to the organization, the Association may after due enquiry call upon the Member so involved to tender his resignation from the Association or alternatively be expelled. The Member will be afforded every opportunity to be heard before any decision is taken by the committee to expel him. A resolution to this effect will be placed on the Association’s official records.