We Strive for honesty, sincerity and integrity
with friendly competition

In 1972, The Singapore Motor Workshop Association, (SMWA) was formed with the initial five main objectives, namely: 1) To promote friendly relationships among its members, 2) To study commercial situation and to promote business progression 3) To support local education, charities and welfare work 4) To mediate in settling differences, strengthen the unity among members and jointly plan for the members 5) To elevate the standard of technical skills thereby maintaining prestige of the profession

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We will strive for honesty, sincerity and integrity with friendly competition based on service, productivity, skill and knowledge.

Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) is Singapore’s premiere infocomm industry association. It comprises corporate members ranging from local startups to established MNCs. SiTF advocates for the ICM (Information, Communications and Media) industry, helps to accelerate the adoption ICM technology and promotes innovation. SiTF works closely with various stakeholders to promote emerging technologies in areas such as Digital Media, Cloud Computing, Wireless, Security and Governance.